Sightseeing in Pisa

O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful, and yet again wonderful, and after that, out of all hooping!
(William Shakespeare, As You Like It)

Pisa is first of all famous for its artistic and architectural treasures. However, it is often associated only with the Leaning Tower and therefore, underrated.

On the contrary, Pisa is a city of great history and of an enormous artistic wealth: it is much more than its famous tower.

Of course, the Field of Miracles, with the Duomo, the Baptistry, the Monumental Cemetery and the Tower are definitely a must see. The Museum of the Duomo and the Museum of the Sinopie preserve incredible treasures.

Pisa is well worth a stay longer than just the few hours necesary to see these monuments though.

There are Roman ruins which are well worth a visit, and soon the museum of the Roman ships will be open to the public.

The medieval heart of Pisa, with the lovely vegetable market, is unique and it hosts some of the best restaurants and bars in town.

Pisa the Maritime Republic and the Renaissance city are wonderful as well, even if definitely less known.

The Lungarni are a voyage through the centuries: from the medieval Tower Houses, to the noble palaces which hosted famous artists such as Lord Byron and P.B. Shelley.

Pisa is home to the oldest botanic garden in Europe, and it has beautiful gardens and parks.

Pisa is the city of contemporary art thanks to one of the last important murals by Keith Haring.

Pisa is the city of churches and of ancient libraries.

Pisa is the city of science and culture.

Pisa is a city which well deserves more than 2 or 3 hours of your time: discover it walking, bike through the little streets of the historical centre, go for a one-horse carriage ride or take the tour of the Lungarni by boat.