Restaurants & co.: Eating in Pisa

Pisa has more restaurants than a city really needs! Here is our selection of restaurants and pizzerie.


Osteria di Culegna

Via Fucini 10
If you are looking for something typical but definitely not banal.

Ristorante La Pergoletta

Via delle Belle Torri, 40
Tel. 050 542458
Excellent food and a very romantic atmosphere (with candles and all). Ask for a table in the room with "la pergoletta". Only few steps away from the nightlife.

Osteria i Santi

Via Santa Maria, 71
Tel. 050 28081

The first decent restaurant near the Leaning Tower. Good food for very little money. Busy at lunchtime.

Osteria dei Mille

Via dei Mille, 32
Tel: 050 55.62.63
Another good restaurant near the Leaning Tower. A bit pricey but the food is excellent and it has air conditioning. After lunch don't miss a coffee with cream at La Casa della Panna next door, and a dessert at Dolce Pisa an excellent pasticceria in Piazza Cavallotti.

Spaghetteria Alle Bandierine

Via Mercanti, 4
tel: 050 500000
A must if you like home made spaghetti and seafood. Get a dessert at Salza in Borgo Stretto afterwards: it's the best pasticceria in town.

Trattoria S. Omobono

Piazza S. Omobono, 6
tel: 050 540847
It doesn't get any more Pisan than this: traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Antica Trattoria il Campano

Via Cavalca, 44
tel: 050580585
You pay for the Italian experience, with accordian players walking among tables and all, but the food is good (although a bit pricey) and the presentation superb. It might be better in the evening when most tourists are gone. It is in an amazing location in the oldest and most colourful part of Pisa, Piazza delle Vettovaglie with the vegetable market.

Al Ristoro dei Vecchi Macelli

Via Volturno, 49
tel: 050 20424
It is considered the best restaurant in the city. Pricey but well worth it. Book in advance.

Numero 11

Via San Martino, 47
Tel: 050 27282

Different, very different, but very good too. A self-service restaurant where you get your food at the counter and sit wherever you can find some space at one of the long tables. Lots of vegetarian dishes and great daily specials listed on the chalk board. The atmosphere is that of a village festival, the location is fancy San Martino though.

Ristorante Pizzeria Le Repubbliche Marinare

Via Ricciardi, 8
tel: 050 20506
The pizza is average, but the seafood entries are to die for.

Ristorante Enoteca Cagliostro

Via del Castelletto, 26
tel: 050 575413
Fancy wine bar with very uncomfortable chairs. But who cares when the place is cool and the wine is good?!

Osteria del Porton Rosso

Via Porton Rosso, 11
tel: 050 580566
Excellent seafood and fish restaurant. They do serve a couple of meat and vegetarian dishes, but don't go there if you don't like what comes from the sea.

Osteria Il Fantasma dell'Opera

Via Palestro, 20
tel: 050 542402
Neat restaurant with a great atmosphere.

Osteria La Stanzina

Via Cavalca Domenico, 30
tel: 050 577203 €€
Nice, romantic, traditional, rustic. You'll love it.

Ristoro al Vecchio Teatro

Via Collegio Ricci, 12
tel: 050 20210
If you want to meet the actors that go for a late dinner after the performances at the Teatro Verdi, this is your spot.


Via San Martino, 33
Tel. 050.27010
Beautiful, with internal garden, romantic, elegant. Perfect for an important dinner.


La Cereria

Via Gori Pietro, 33
tel: 050 20336
Very thin pizza, but with lot of stuff on top.

Il Vecchio Dado

Lung'arno Pacinotti Antonio, 21
tel: 050 580900
The location is nice, on the Lungarno (don't miss an ice-cream at the Bottega del Gelato in Piazza Garibaldi after dinner), shame about the all traffic going by. But the pizza is good, even though a bit pricey.

Bagni di Nerone

Largo del Perlascio, 26
Tel. 050.551085

Pizza as it should be: delicious and cheap. Very popular with students.

Le Scuderie

Via San Casciani, 1
Tel. 050 40884
You buy your pizza by the metre... and you have to deal with the owner who is not always friendly... but the pizza is good if you like it thick. Wood oven.

Bella Napoli

Via del Borghetto, 44
Tel. 050 57.85.20

Cheap good pizza, they deliver as well.

La Spigolatrice

Via Cagliari, 25
Tel. 050 56.31.51

Amazing place, simple and very very very inexpensive. One of the few places in town where you can still eat a pizza, have a beer and maybe a dessert and pay 15 euros.

L'Antico Vicoletto

Vicolo Tinti, 15
Tel. 050 97.11.450

Another inexpensive pizzeria right in the heart of Pisa, in Borgo Largo.