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Review by Gila from Israel

This review is published in the Slow Travel Website Rental Reviews


It was a two-minute walk to the Tower of Pisa, a 15-minute bus ride to the train station and around the corner from a large supermarket.

The House/Apartment

The flat had its own private entrance, was superbly comfortable and well-appointed.


No outside area.

Furnishings/Cleanliness/Living Areas

Spotlessly clean, modern and well-equipped.


Everything was great.



Problems or Bonuses

Gloria and Marcel were extremely helpful and welcoming. They even met us at the station and took us in their car to collect our rental car from the local airport. They are real treasures!

Agency and Representatives (and price)

Both speak perfect English.

Do you recommend this vacation rental to others?

Recommended: 100% yes.

Things to do in this area

Gloria and Marcel left a detailed list of interesting sites around Pisa, good restaurants and shopping areas etc.