When is it the best time to be in Pisa?

Pisa is a nice and lively city all year round, but in June it is at its best.

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On the 16th there is the spectacular street festival called Luminara: the city is lit by candlelight and at 11 p.m. there are fireworks. Concerts are organized in every square and the entire city center becomes a crazy street party.

On the 17th it is San Ranieri Day, the Patron Saint Day. There is a regatta where the historical quarters challenge each other preceded by a parade in historical costumes.

On the last Sunday of June there is the Gioco del Ponte (literally, the game of the bridge). It takes place at Ponte di Mezzo. Several teams of big, big men push a heavy cart with their necks. The team which manages to push it into the other team's space wins.

December is also a very nice month: from the first Sunday of the month there is a Christmas market in the city centre.

On the first Sunday of each month, there is the antique market, one of the largest in Italy, which brings a lot of people to the city.

May is also a perfect moment especially during the flower festival at Le Piagge.